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What is an Air-Dome?

An AussiePoolDome is a simple low-cost method of enclosing your pool. It is a custom-engineered PVC dome, typically with clear sides (windows) and an opaque roof (available in various colours and combinations). The dome is sealed around the edges and is inflated with a low-pressure regulated air blower. The system will allow you to simply, quickly and cost-effectively turn your outdoor pool into an indoor one, giving you full use of your pool all year round.

The AussiePoolDome is classified as an air supported structure. It must be anchored to the deck of the pool to hold it in place. The air needed to support the swimming pool enclosure is supplied by a blower which is regulated by a "pressure" switch. This switch turns the blower on when the dome needs air, and turns it off when the dome achieves optimum pressure. When the blower is operating, outside air is pumped into the enclosure. An air seal is created between the pool deck and the hem of the dome with the use of an 450mm flap. This flap is "sealed" on the interior perimeter of the enclosure. The sealing ability is enhanced as the internal air pressure forces the flap down onto the deck of the pool.

Entry or exit is accomplished through the use of a zippered entry panel. If an entry is left open for an extended period of time, excessive air loss will cause the dome to begin deflation. This process takes a considerable amount of time on an average dome.


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