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How is a Dome Made?

Each AussiePoolDome is custom made. We do not stock units in "standard" sizes. As each one is made to order, our customers always receive a product which was made exactly to their own specifications.It's much easier on you if we adjust the swimming pool dome rather than forcing you to alter your deck or landscape.

After your order is received, it is placed on the production schedule and produced in the order it was received. The engineering department uses your specifications to calculate items relating to stress, load, etc. Plans are then drawn for your particular enclosure. The plans will include the cutting charts, entry placement, and the prescribed order of assembly for your individual unit. This process enables us to provide you with an
end product of quality and strength.

All of our products are manufactured to exacting tolerances using state of the art equipment. The actual manufacturing area is kept remarkably clean in to isolate any contaminants from the manufacturing process.

The vinyl from which the domes are made is delivered to the factory on large rolls. The rolls of vinyl are typically 1.8m wide and hundreds of metres long. They are reduced to the proper widths with the use of a "slitter". The material is fed through the slitter's razor sharp blades and then placed on the cutting tables.

Using the plans provided by engineering, the individual sections of the enclosure are then hand dimensioned to form each panel. While this is occurring, the cable anchor hem assembly is manufactured in another area of the plant. The panels are "welded" together to form the walls ceiling and corners of the unit. This "welding" process is completed with the use of "radio frequency" sealing machines. This "welding" process produces an end product that is both attractive and extremely strong in structural integrity.

Certain components areas of the dome are stitched. One of these is the zip entry which is sewn onto a polyester reinforced panel and then attached to the desired area of entry. This stitching is generally used in areas of unusually high stress.

By using these methods of construction, we can be sure that your dome will provide you a maximum lifespan and years of trouble free service.

How It's Made