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Summer Storage Service

AussiePoolDomes products are designed to be erected over Winter and taken down again for Summer. Most people only want their pools enclosed over the colder Winter Months but still want to enjoy our great Australian Summers in their beautiful open-air pools.

Taking your AussiePoolDome product down over Summer will also prolong the life of your dome substantially and give you a great opportunity to clean it down!.

If you are "handy" taking down and re-erecting your pool dome is a fairly simple process. You will also need to have somewhere coolish and dry to store the dome over Summer (AussiePoolDomes provide a storage crate with all its Air-Domes). However, if you aren't handy, lack the time or lack storage space, or are just plain lazy!, we can help!

We offer a Summer Storage Service (at present only available in the Melbourne and Geelong metropolitan areas). For an annual fee we will take down your AussiePoolDome product in the Spring, store it for you in our secure warehouse and re-erect it for you again in Autumn. Contact us for details;

Ph. +61-(0)3-9434-0011

Fax. +61-(0)3-9434-0022

Email. info@aussiepooldomes.com.au


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