Features & Benefits of Air-Domes

All Year Round Use of Your Pool

With the AussiePoolDome, you can enjoy your pool in nearly any climate throughout the entire year. For some, particularly in the Southern States, the swimming season is limited to only 3 or 4 months per year. Our domes are designed for usage in these types of areas so you can either swim all year round, or greatly extend your normal swimming season.

People purchase our domes for various reasons. Some of these include:

• To maintain physical fitness programs all year.
• The pure enjoyment of swimming whenever they desire.
• Extending of their swimming season.
• Training for swim teams, water polo, other water sports.
• Medical needs which require swimming as a therapy.

  • Keep leaves, flying insects, and debris out of the pool.
• Use as a combination swimming pool dome & greenhouse.
• Eliminate the need and expense of winterising the pool.
• Easy access to the pool without having to remove a cover.
Safety is an issue which confronts all pool owners. Where there is water, the potential for accidents increases. An AussiePoolDome is not a substitute for a well-maintained Australian Standard pool fence, however, one of the many well thought out features on all of our swimming pool enclosures is the ability to place a lock on the entry to keep out any "curious" small children and pets. The entry can also be locked when you are away for the day, or out of town for an extended period of time. This extra measure of security gives you and your loved ones extra "peace of mind".
Operational Savings
Swimming pool maintenance and pool operation can amount to a considerable amount of money and time. With the placement of an AussiePoolDome on your pool, the costs of chemicals, heating, and water replenishment will noticeably decrease.

Since the swimming pool dome covers the entire pool, there will be a minimal loss of chemicals and water through evaporation. Keeping your chemical balance at the correct levels will also be an easier task as not only will less chemicals be required, the chemicals remaining in the pool will not expend themselves as quickly due to the absence of the normal "contaminants" associated with an open air pool. You will save money and time.

Heating your pool in the early Autumn and late Winter seasons will also be less expensive. The dome is actually a barrier between the outside air and your pool water. As the heat rises off of the surface of the water, it is trapped within the pool enclosure. Heat from the sun will help to heat the water and the air within the dome as you will see when you read the section on the "greenhouse" effect.
The "lifespan" of our domes varies somewhat due to the following situations and conditions:

1. Climate in which the pool dome is installed.
2. Cleaning and subsequent storage of the dome.
3. Whether or not the dome is left up in hotter weather.
4. Chemical balance of the swimming pool water.

1. Generally speaking, the hotter the climate the shorter the life of the unit. In warmer areas such as Broken Hill we'll get about 7 to 9 years of service from a dome. In the colder regions, a life span of 9 to 12 years is not uncommon. Please note that these lifespans are based on similar installations in the USA.

2. Proper cleaning and storage of the unit will prolong the life of the product and make the following season's installation much more pleasant. It is not a difficult procedure and the long term benefits are worth it. The unit should be stored in the original carton located in a dry area. AussiePoolDomes offers a Summer storage service (presently only available in Melbourne and Geelong Metropolitan areas).Click HERE for details.

3. If a swimming pool enclosure is left up in very hot weather for extended periods of time, there may be a problem. In this situation, the unit can heat up excessively from the combination of the sun and the accumulation of the retained heat within itself. This heat can cause the pool dome to stretch out of shape and it will not return to it's original design. Take it down before those really hot months arrive!

4. Proper water chemical balance will help to prolong the life of your unit.Keeping this item in order will help you maximize the full potential of the life of your swimming pool dome.

Download a copy of the AussiePoolDome warranty by clicking HERE.

A unique benefit of owning our product is that in most climates it can double as a "Greenhouse". Those plants that you would have normally brought into the house in the winter, can stay in the humid environment of the swimming pool dome. Many people report that their plants actually "thrive" in the winter as the heat coming off of the pool water is trapped within the dome and the combination of that and the sun's warmth create a comfortable area for you and your plants. A good example of how the sun can warm the inside of a dome is to compare it to a car. If your car is left with the windows "up", the temperature will be much warmer on the inside of the vehicle than the air temperature outside. This occurs even on overcast days as the ultra-violet rays from the sun will actually penetrate through the clouds.
When entering the swimming pool enclosure you will feel a slight "rush" of air escaping from the unit. Once inside, one of the first things you will notice is the actual interior size of the unit. A dome viewed from the inside looks much larger than it does from outside! As the walls are ceiling and walls are partially curved, sounds within the swimming pool enclosure are magnified but slightly "muffled". The moisture content in the inside air of the unit is noticeable but not unpleasant. On colder days the moisture content in the air will rise and can form water droplets on the ceiling. Steam coming off of the pool water is possible on very cold days.

The movement of the air within the dome is very slight and normally it is not felt by the users. The sound of the blower (when it's running) is quiet and smooth even if you're standing right by it.

Overall, it's like being in "a world of your own". Isolated from the rest of the world, but only a step away from your home.

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