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Fabrico SunDomes 

AussiePoolDomes are the Australian distributor of Fabrico SunDomes, the premier fabricator of solar pool enclosures around the globe. Fabrico SunDome pool enclosures are easy-to-use pool enclosures and available for all types of pools - above-ground pools, in-ground pools and spas too. Some of the benefits of the Fabrico Sun Dome are:

  • Converts your pool into an indoor/outdoor pool - a great season extender!
  • Heats water and air temperature with Solar heat - saving you money and energy costs
  • Protects your pool from the elements - no pool maintenance hassles
All Fabrico SunDomes Include:

Tailor Made Vinyl and Aluminum Enclosure

The Fabrico SunDome is a heavy 12-gauge vinyl pool enclosure that is supported by a series of aluminum tubes. The crystal clear cover is heat-sealed to fit the tubes based on pool specifications, to provide a tailored fit for every pool size.

Sturdy Double-Zipper Doors and Windows

Each pool enclosure has one door opening with two heavy duty two-sided nylon zippers as well as one or more fiberglass screened window flaps/openings for flow-thru ventilation. Both doors and windows come with vinyl tabs to hold flaps in place.

Solid and Secure Enclosure Framework

The bottom edge of the enclosure is 24-gauge - or double thickness - and has a series of grommets. Neoprene shock cords are then attached to the grommets and hooked onto the base of the dome. This system ensures that the vinyl enclosure is held securely over the pool framework - making the SunDome an extra strong framework.

To visit the Fabrico Sundomes Gallery please click HERE

To visit the Fabrico SunDomes US Website please click HERE

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