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Anchoring System

The AussiePoolDome is anchored by a series of removable eyebolts and a continuos loop of vinyl coated steel cable with a 1300kg test rating. The cable is sealed into the hem at the base of the enclosure.

Anchor sleeves are placed into the pool deck at about 90cm intervals. These sleeves are 12mm in diameter and 47mm long. In the center of each sleeve is a 10mm threaded hole that the eyebolts are screwed into.

The cable in the hem goes through the eyebolts and the dome is now ready for inflation.

Note: We have many different types of anchoring systems available for surfaces other than concrete. It you would like your dome to be mounted on pavers, grass, ground, timber decking, or whatever ..... Give us a call. We have many different anchoring solutions. One of
them would most likely work for you.

When the swimming pool dome is taken down, the eyebolts are removed to clear the deck. The sleeves remain and are flush with the surface of the deck, leaving no obstacles. We even provide the Hole Plugs to keep debris out of the holes and a Storage bag that Breathes for proper off-season storage.

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